The new yoga deck addition for yoga retreats at our Troncones villa

Yoga retreats are more and more popular and as a result I have come up with an interesting design to double the size of the yoga deck at our beachfront Bed and breakfast / rental villa on Troncones Beach. When Your Mexico surfing trip has worn down your muscles yoga and stretching combined with a very reasonably priced massage are a great way to keep an older guy like me surfing day after day and many of our surfing guests benefit. So along with the massage table on site we built a pool front beach view yoga deck extending out from the pools edge. But trying to accommodate twelve people doing yoga all at once was taking this to another level and so I had to come up with a plan for our first bigger yoga retreat that also includes added shade. I am installing the new addition  at the end of January and I am pretty happy about what I think is an ingenious plan. Since there was no easy way to extend the  deck out ward over the wall without redesigning the land scape and taking out the sea wall I decided to add wood deck that could be inserted over the infinity table  end of the pool  for when more space was needed and taken off in just a few moments by two people. It will sit  on  waterproofed joists and extend over the infinity table to add another 10’ x8’ feet of deck when needed. It looks good on paper and I will post pictures in February after the retreat. By the way we have space available Contact Casa Delfin Sonriente if you want to know more. 

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