Troncones Pelican Population

A Local Noni Tree With Plenty Of Fruit.

Another Beautiful Sunset In Troncones


From Traveleando, a travelogue of the sights and activities in and around Troncones including Playa Troncones, sampling the food of Dona Nica's and Cafe Sol, paddling a kayak at Barra Sayalita, surfing, horseback riding, swimming and stand up paddling.

Capitan Glen and First Mate Karma

Good Morning, Troncones!

From Sectur Guerrero, Secretaría de Turismo 
Good morning from the beach in the Costa Grande ‪#‎Troncones‬ ‪#‎Guerrero‬. Enjoy this beautiful destination of pristine beaches. 
Buenos días desde playa #Troncones en la Costa Grande #Guerrero. Disfruten este precioso destino de playas vírgenes

Vintage Troncones Travel Poster

Downtown Troncones

Beautiful Troncones Beach and a Magnificent Pelican.

Troncones Beach Sculpture.

photo by Dennis Barloga.

Fire in Troncones - Barbecued Iguana

Cloudy morning and we're driving back from the surf and see some burning piles of slash from field clearing and the campesinos chasing down iguanas running away from the fire. Campesinos say iguanas for dinner instead of just beans. Can't argue with that logic . So we went and looked at the flames and I checked out the iguana catch. An interesting side bar to a great morning surf.

Another Beautiful Sunset in Troncones

New Troncones Taxi Stand

Hiking and Cave Exploration in Troncones with Costa EcoTours

View to the North on Playa Troncones

Downtown Troncones