What's for Dinner?

Troncones has some wonderful fishing spots. For guests that want to go out on a fishing excursion, and catch their own dinner to cook at the villa, more power to them. For those of you who want to pass on trolling the ocean, you can still enjoy the savory taste of freshly caught fish. El Burro Borracho restaurant is located walking distance from the villa and serves up the best seafood in town!

At El Burro Borracho you have the choice of steak, seafood, tacos, American food, and of course local cervezas (beer). Traditional Mexcan margaritas are also served and a must have if this is your first time here!

A local favorite you can be reassured that you'll leave satisfied.

Looking for Adventure?

Within miles from the villa you'll find natural hot springs, horseback riding, cave exploring, and mountain bike trails. For advance surfers the break in front of the house is perfect. Novice and intermediate surfers may need to go down a couple miles from the villa to catch a wave, but the experience is well worth it! Those looking to learn to surf can take advantage of having the owner, Glen of Casa Delfin Sonriente give them a private lesson. Glen has surfed all around the world, including California, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

The Majauha caves are approximately two miles from the villa. The caves are an amazing sight of limestone. They are located over an underground riverbed. Visitors are encouraged to explore the caves in pairs. If your travel buddies aren't into this type of adventure, no worries, guided tours are available and you may even find a local to take along.

Need Help Packing?

Packing can be extremely frustrating. Don't fret, for this trip all you need is your bathing suit and the desire to have fun and relax. Alright, you may need a few other items, but you'll be happy to know that there is a washer and dryer on the premise. This relieves you from back strain that often comes from carrying luggage up and down the airport.

To Bring:

Toothpaste (if you forget this, there's extra)
Beach towel (bath towels are supplied)
Jeans/long pant
Light rain jacket (this is a tropical location so small showers can appear out of nowhere)
Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Bathing suit
Shoes (for walking/hiking)
Medications (recommended you bring extra medication in-case any is lost)
A book (there is a reading library, but donations are appreciated)
Flashlight (for cave exploring)

Lastly, pack a smile!

Organic Takes On New Meaning

Do you love the taste of fresh fruit? So do we! In this fertile part of Southern Mexico exotic fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya, coconuts, and many more, can be found. Each morning the cook at Casa Delfin Sonriente lays out an awesome assortment of a variety of local organic fruits.

For those of you who enjoy picking your own fruit, take the opportunity to cut down your own coconuts from the local plantation. Drink the coconut water right from the coconut and enjoy the health benefits such as an increase in metabolism. Cut up the coconut meat and nibble on it during your hike. This beats store bought trail mix!

Massage on the Beach

Ever had a professional massage on the beach, while watching the sunset? There's nothing like it. Listening to the waves roll in as they gently splash against the rocks will help wash away any worries from the world you left back home.

Indulge in a nourishing escape as you enjoy a key signature massage. After a long day of surfing, nothing can beat the deep tissue massage. This massage uses deep, slow stroke techniques. Optional aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus is available to give your body an extra boost.

Massages are in 30 minute and 1 hour durations. Single or couples massages are offered on the beach or in the privacy of your room. Tips are appreciated.


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