Flying To Your Mexico Vacation Home Holiday —A Retrospective Opinion. Or, A Long Gripe About Alaska Airlines

For almost twenty years I’ve flown Alaska to get to my beachside hotel/ B&B / Mexico vacation rental villa the  Casa Delfin Sonriente  from central California.  Usually but not always on Alaska Airlines. I’ve also flown Aeromexico, Mexicana, United  and Continental airlines.  After over 100 trips now –easy—I Have some opinions I’d like to share. Mainly about the two airlines I’ve had the most experience with: Alaska and Mexicana airlines.

To begin with Alaska has the best safety record – an important fact for sure;  although,  if that was everyone’s first criteria we’d all just fly Quantus if we could where ever we went( no reported air difficulties or crashes to date ever) and this record is  the same for Alaska air with  exclusion of the media reported hefty fines that were levied on Alaska for ignoring FAA  maintenance and hazards  removal  recommendations  a year or two ago. These are relevant issues but again if crash data were” the factor “ as opposed to prices, itinerary, comfort, food, etc. then we would have to eliminate America, United, Continental, Delta, and every other lesser known airline that has been in the news over the last thirty years because of crashes.

Like many  people I can relax more on a flight with  Good food, liberal drinking, and friendly service to  help out. So one thing  I haven’t been good at ignoring had been years of Alaska air food services terrible food: as in ” would you like a cold dry sandwich or a cold dry hamburger for six dollars credit card only sir?( Long time Alaska flyers will remember although this has improved greatly  in the last year or two.) Then this was  followed by  the  removal of my san Francisco connection to Zihautanejo, followed  by the removal of Blankets against cold cabin temps on  flights, the tight seating,  the removal of magazines, the overpriced( recent options) for foot room, the never-ending marketing of credit cards, the credit cards only attitude,  and never once a movie. I am still flying Alaska, but only because there are almost no alternatives from where I live in the states anymore.

I used to fly Mexicana a lot but  a) they went out of business and b.) there was always a stopover in Mexico city that most people would not prefer.  But boy oh boy On Mexicana and Aeromexico  the tequila often flowed freely and for free ,the food was really good, the beer complementary, and the willingness to take pesos or dollars friendly.  Gee I wish they would return again or someone would make a run at Alaska air  to force better food, prices, and a movie.

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