Kayaking in Troncones - Here are some recent photos from our guests!

While staying at Casa Delfin Sonriente, consider getting in touch with Alejandro to do some kayaking or a river hike.  As a trained Oceanographer and environmentalist  from the University of Baja he found  Troncones nearby unspoiled mountains and estuaries and  great surf a reason to stay and live here. Whether leading an ocean kayaking  frip from Manzanillo bay to the la Saladita estuary, or paddling or hiking  along a rivers system, Alejandro is constantly reminded of both the beauty and the frailty of these habitats. Troncones and its environs are endangered by our presence and pollution.   So Alejandro focuses much of his energy on educational and habitat protection projects. For more information on tours and habitat projects you can e-mail him at   costanativa@hotmail.com

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