Troncones and Santa Cruz Beach Break Power

"Troncones and Saladita offer cool surf-style accommodations and a variety of waves. Exploring the coast and going off the beaten track is worth the effort."  The beachfront bed and breakfast hotel Casa Delfin Sonriente sometimes has the best Troncones surf right out your front door.     

There are some great surf pictures of Troncones from photographer Bruce Grimes in the photo gallery with this article and my other home of Santa Cruz is also included in this list of seven top winter surf destinations - I'm stoked! Feeling like one lucky surfer this winter!

 A great winter shot of my friend Craig Anderson ripping a Santa Cruz area beach break on a clear, cold winter day.    

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  1. I'll take tropical warm water surf over frigid winter california surf Any Day!! Just say NO to wetsuits!